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  • We Should Start Dating

    We Should Start Dating

    I am thoroughly confident that everybody will leave this blog disgusted. If you meet me for dinner on 23/09/12 at 9,30, I’ll bring the Boone’s farm. This is absolutely in the future. What day is this on? What time? Are you old enough to remember bank deposit forms conveniently filling out the century for you?…

  • My blog has FINALLY MADE IT!

    Logged in today to see this!!! Scroll down More More More I didn’t make it.

  • What is my password?

    What is my password?

    THAT WAY YOU CAN’T SAY IT SUCKS I’ll make more blogs again. Forgot.

  • Why I won’t buy the 2032 Dodge RAM

    Why I won’t buy the 2032 Dodge RAM

    It might seem weird to talk about a truck that’s nearly a decade away. But here’s my history with Dodge RAM: (I know some of you drop the word “Dodge”, but no) My 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 My 2012 Ram 1500 Big Horn, looking squatted with that fat trailer My 2022 Ram 2500 Tradesman So,…

  • A Story: Vending Machine Business

    A Story: Vending Machine Business

    This is a long-winded story of failure. I’m hoping to share some misconceptions I had about starting a business as well as “analysis paralysis”. Back in October of 2018, I was doing what I do best: Trolling Facebook Garage Sale sites. Some of my better items for sale were: But, I came across a post…

  • Verizon Wireless: Bait and Switch

    Verizon Wireless: Bait and Switch

    This one isn’t a security blog. If you want deep, technical reading this one isn’t it. A Year Ago… I was at the park with my son when he fell and got hurt, I called my wife to come and pick us up as that was much faster than walking his bike home. As we…

  • Restoring Old Disks

    Restoring Old Disks

    The first line of code I wrote was back in 1992, 31 years ago. That must make me an old man, and perhaps I am, but back then I was only seven — and my first program I wrote? I used QBASIC to output ASCII Art (it was just called “Graphics” back then) to output…

  • Rekeying a Kwikset Deadbolt

    Update 2024: This was wrote back in 2019, and while Kwikset SmartKey was around, it wasn’t as common. If you see a small slot next to your keyway, this guide is likely not applicable to you. I’ve been largely an information security-heavy person, I’ve decided that I need to start getting “physical” with physical security.…