Lock your Garage Door

It is likely that you lock your front door, your back door, and you use a deadbolt like you should. You may have even invested in a decent quality lock as well.

There’s a few items to consider when breaching a home with an attached garage:

  • Vehicles, even locked ones (but especially unlocked ones)
  • Garage doors with windows

If you have a garage door opener in your vehicle, ignoring radio attacks, I can just open the door, push a button, and I made easy work of getting in your home.

If you lock your car, can I use a centerpunch or spark plug to break the glass, a slimjim to pull a lock lever, or a crafted bump key or rocker key to open it?

What about garages with windows?

If you look along where the chain, belt, etc runs from the opener to the door, there’s likely a rope hanging down with a red handle (or similar color). This disconnects the opener and allows you to freely open/close the door.

If this is close enough to the door’s window, can I break it and reach in enough to pull that? Would you hear me doing that?


  • Keep your vehicles locked
  • Lock the internal door
    • Ideally use a deadbolt, or some other mechanism like a hotel lock

These steps won’t positively keep people out of your home, but will give you additional time to notice the threat and react to it.






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