This is the section where I talk about how great I am, and why you should employ me.

To do this properly, I would list a plethora of three letter acronyms (TLAs) of all of the technologies I’ve googled and briefly read about on Wikipedia. I will probably even list how driven I am, what career I am “in pursuit of” and how I’m a “go-getter.”

I will spend more time limiting my resume to one page because some dinosaur told me that’s important, when that’s untrue for jobs that require talents.

I will conclude with my contact information, maybe a few links to pages I’ve built, a handful of code samples that I’ll be embarrassed by within a year, and a list of hobbies that doesn’t make me interesting “walks by the beach”, “guitar” etc… Good boilerplate.


Blocking Tor Exit Nodes by .htaccess with PHP

What is Tor? TorĀ is a multi-layered anonymizing proxy, used by a lot of parties interested in privacy or avoiding government overreach (great firewall of China, for example). It is also used by annoying spammers who don’t know how to configure a traditional VPN, so they rely on pre-configured browsers. Candidates for this Method If you …