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  • Breaching a Digital Safe

    Breaching a Digital Safe

    OH LOOK BOB IS GOING TO SHOW US HOW TO USE A MAGNET TO MOVE A SAFE LATCH OR BANG ON IT WHILE PULLING TO HOP A SOLENOID. Not today my friends, but that sure sounds fun, and already done. Most nights, I try to get in a walk. That is, when it isn’t Surface…

  • De-FAANG: Replace FireTV, Rokus

    De-FAANG: Replace FireTV, Rokus

    PREFACE: I didn’t build the software here and I just followed a series of searches to come up with a solution that meets my needs. You may have different needs and that’s cool too. If you aren’t in an IT related field, this is all we do in this field, search things until one of…

  • De-FAANG: Replacing Echos Part 1

    De-FAANG: Replacing Echos Part 1

    I am not a lawyer or a radio engineer, I can search FCC things and even come up with some convincing understanding of laws, but I don’t have the proper test equipment or background to give this advice, so read it as a fiction novel. Cool, legalese out of the way, I did work for…

  • Bye Amazon…For Now

    Bye Amazon…For Now

    I’ve long been a fan of Amazon, ever since the college I attended for a while wanted ~$75 for a wildly outdated software design book, that I got for less than a dollar from Amazon (paid a few bucks for shipping). I’ve been a customer for almost 20 years, and a Prime member for somewhere…

  • We Should Start Dating

    We Should Start Dating

    I am thoroughly confident that everybody will leave this blog disgusted. If you meet me for dinner on 23/09/12 at 9,30, I’ll bring the Boone’s farm. This is absolutely in the future. What day is this on? What time? Are you old enough to remember bank deposit forms conveniently filling out the century for you?…

  • Lock your Garage Door

    It is likely that you lock your front door, your back door, and you use a deadbolt like you should. You may have even invested in a decent quality lock as well. There’s a few items to consider when breaching a home with an attached garage: If you have a garage door opener in your…

  • My blog has FINALLY MADE IT!

    Logged in today to see this!!! Scroll down More More More I didn’t make it.

  • Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine

    Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine

    This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Christmas Story, one of my favorite Christmas movies ever made. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything here since this runs 24 hours a day on a ton of stations in December, but if I am, go watch it first. One scene is especially interesting to folks interested…

  • What is my password?

    What is my password?

    THAT WAY YOU CAN’T SAY IT SUCKS I’ll make more blogs again. Forgot.

  • Profiling LMC Assembly Code

    Profiling LMC Assembly Code

    What is Profiling? Profiling is measuring the performance of code, whether it is a small function or an entire application. You can determine how quickly the code will execute various requests and tune them to meet your needs. Cycle Counts The Little Man Computer is easy to do math on, it is 1:1 — one…

  • Little Man Computer – Execution

    Little Man Computer – Execution

    So far, we’ve learned about the Little Man Computer architecture and how to write a simple program and assemble it into machine code. You likely already know how the code is executed due to the high quality comments I’ve included in that blog. Regardless, I built a simulator and spent quite a bit of time…

  • Little Man Computer — Assembly Code

    Little Man Computer — Assembly Code

    Cover photo isn’t related, but it’s almost as interesting as my post. Machine Code vs. Assembly Code You’ll often hear these two terms used interchangeably, but they are not the same. People will often state that machine code is the actual “0’s” and “1’s” a machine executes, and that’s pretty close to being correct. People…