This is the section where I talk about how great I am, and why you should employ me.

To do this properly, I would list a plethora of three letter acronyms (TLAs) of all of the technologies I’ve googled and briefly read about on Wikipedia. I will probably even list how driven I am, what career I am “in pursuit of” and how I’m a “go-getter.”

I will spend more time limiting my resume to one page because some dinosaur told me that’s important, when that’s untrue for jobs that require talents.

I will conclude with my contact information, maybe a few links to pages I’ve built, a handful of code samples that I’ll be embarrassed by within a year, and a list of hobbies that don’t make me interesting “walks by the beach”, “guitar” etc… Good boilerplate.


Part 1: Outdoor Security Lighting (The Attack)

Building exteriors are often well lit to keep out physical attacks and to enable CCTV footage without requiring infrared emitters on the cameras. Often times, these will use “electric eyes” to detect light, and when present, turn off exterior lights to conserve energy. Typically these sensors are made with a CdS cell (cadmium sulfide). They …