Misstep 7: Knoxoff KnoxBox

Low Security Key Holder

Alright, after this post, I’m taking the rest of the year off!

I’ve talked about this one before in Lockboxes and Key Space Exhaustion, and I’ve seen this guarding both a bagel/coffee shop out in LA, a restricted-use boat launch, and this dollar store back home. This photo shows the one by my place that is apparently just caulked to the building. I’m not sure if they’re using this for shared access to a control room or as a “KnoxBox” for first responders.

Even the manufacturer points out that the device is for convenience, not for security. A master-keyed cylinder or badge system would be better approaches to a multi-tenancy door, however without knowing its objectives, its hard to quantify if it is a big issue or not.

Join me next Tuesday, in 2020 — I’m going to start picking on some of my poor security choices over the years as well!

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