Misstep 6: Moneygrab

Key in Register
Key in Register
Key left in register in cluttered shop

This one is less about what you’re seeing, and more about temptation. This cash register has the drawer key sitting directly in the lock it is supposed to protect.

Cashiers should be performing “NO SALES” if they need access to the cash drawer without a transaction. This keeps a record of times an employee accesses the cash for reviewing with cameras or training purposes. They should not be using a mechanical bypass to enter the cash drawer.

Likewise, leaving a key in a cash drawer invites robbery by demonstrating that access to the cash will be easy and that security is lax.

Besides these issues, a key in a cash drawer is pretty meaningless, since access to most can be granted by way of a small drawer release lever on the underside of the unit, which is another reason why these units should be attached to a solid surface.

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