Misstep 5: Getting High in California

By getting high, of course, I’m talking about the relative distance from the ground. In this case, I added three stars to the image.

The first one is the “Yellow Star”, I’m not going into a lot of detail here except to say that Misstep 2: Security-As-An-Annoyance goes into greater detail about why a fence and a lever make a bad combo.

This week we’ll take a look at the blue star, where there’s a decently tall chain-link fence, above which there is barbed wire. From the outset, this seems fine, but there are two tactical mistakes at play here:

  • The barbed wire faces inside of the property. This is acceptable if you’re trying to keep something in (think prisons), otherwise, it should be facing out. This makes it harder to simply throw a jacket or blanket over the barbs and jump the fence.
  • The somewhat funnier one is by the red star… This fence is substantially shorter (guessing 5′ tall), no barbed wire, provides concealment for what is on the other side, and won’t make a bunch of noise when you jump it. It will be slightly harder to get a footing, but the flat top should prove easy enough.

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