Misstep 30: How didn’t this register?

Keys left in register

Are we really at the 30th misstep blog? This is crazy, since it was just a fluke of an idea… And here I am on Feb 19th writing posts that won’t even drop until mid-June. I hope you’re enjoying the series as much as I am while I find these and write about them.

I have posted about keys left in a register before, but I’m always surprised to see it. In this case, the key at the top of the register (closest to me) is the key that controls the mode the register is in. I haven’t worked in retail for a long time, but I do know some modes allow journal information, SKU changes and items like that, others do not (thinking back to the old Gilbarco key system I had used at a gas station).

I have to imagine that this key is used to set the mode, and then is extracted. Leaving it in can leave yourself vulnerable to employee theft that is covered up by modifying records or elements of the register. (Think disabling the journal, charging people cash for some items, and then pocketing it).

I also realize that most registers have a release switch on the bottom… But some people don’t, so leaving the drawer key sitting on the drawer makes me think you should just leave the register open.

Last of all, the register is placed on the counter closest to the customer. This makes a grab and go trivial to execute.

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