Misstep 25: Pet Your Cat74

Who here is a legit paper towel thief? Because I have the connection to a Washington DC-area restaurant that has lax enough of security measures to allow this!

The Misstep

The Key.

The Solution

This is a really stupid misstep this week, but it segues into something else — security awareness. Sure, the employees left the easily available CAT74 key on top of the paper towel dispenser, and sure — nobody is going to bother stealing the paper towels.

But this shows me that the shop has no good location for keys, them being the janitorial keys, or perhaps the keys to access the register or the building. Key control is lax here, and it may be quite easy to gain a copy of the building’s key later on.

Of course, if you really friggin’ love napkins, this is the place for you. But hey, if you have a key, don’t leave it next to the lock. What if I swiped the key? Then you’d have a hard time changing the towels. That could get messy.

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