Misstep 23: Rock Music to Robber’s Ears

A Hide-a-key product that hides your key in an obvious shell

My primary line of business at work is application security. I spend hours a week pouring over various CWE’s over at https://cwe.mitre.org/, reading about how company’s have been breached, and other security information. It’s important to me to know very much what my company’s competitors are doing in the industry, and what is affecting those I work with.

Key takeaway? If you’re in a line of business, it is your job to know enough to do it well.

If I wanted to break into your house and steal your TV, your VCR, or maybe your rolodex, I’d probably turn to an old friend of mine — knowledge. Maybe I’d walk the halls of Home Depot and see what “sEcUrItY pRoDuCtS” they sell:

Sponge Bob in his mocking position (in the theme of meme) talking security products

The Misstep

Thinking that the rock, sprinkler head, door mat, flower pot or whatever it is near your door is a safe place to store a brass jobber that grants entry into your abode.

The Solution?

Don’t be an idiot — these items are only confusing to meth addicts, not to people who are going to steal you and attack you. Those people are in the business of cRiMe and will happily leverage these hide-a-key products and “SWANN SECURITY” stickers against you.

Also: LOL

Seriously: Get a contract with a terrible security company like Vivint, put their signs up, know how to cancel the contract, and then do that. Then: leave their signs, glass breaks, contact breaks, and sirens up.

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