Misstep 22: I’ve Got the Power

Power Pole with Detached Cover
Power Pole with Detached Cover

This week, we’re in the District of Columbia — the nation’s capital! We’re here to chat about juice!

The Misstep

If I wanted to deploy some sort of technological apparatus to attack networks, spread malware, etc — I’d certainly need a power source. I could seek out a solar panel that would generate enough for my needs — or, if you leave cables in the open — that’s a lot easier. Of course, this lamp post would be one heck of a Faraday cage, but some have outlets. Nonetheless, this one is exposed!

Imagine I want to set up an access point to conflict with a neighboring business? Or I want to set up a wireless relay point so I can camp on your businesses free wifi from my house some distance away? Or I simply want to aggregate bluetooth devices in the area or wifi enabled devices (like WiGLE running in an intersection to track movements)?

You leaving this cover off makes it easy for me to do so. I can easily vampire tap into your power source and collect data for any period of time.

The Solution?

Protect your energy network like you do your data network — screw it shut, use security screws, or something similar. These access ports are always going to be a target, but you don’t have to make it this easy.

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