Misstep 16: Creepy Guy [Me]

Ahh finally, you’re done with your Lyft to the airport, checked your bags, stripped down for the TSA while taking everything and throwing it into little buckets for a scanner and then packing up your shoes, belt, coat, wallet, and phone right at the end of the security line. You feel disheveled, but you’ll make it. You stop and get some double-priced airport food and walk to your gate to eat. You’re a little late and end up sitting next to somebody with a dog as a carry-on, and you’re trying to eat your burger while it licks its cage and makes…bodily sounds.

Each boarding group is called up, and you hang out like gate lice waiting for yours, you have 30 lbs of laptop and chargers on your back, and another roller tote of your now used clothing you need to get onto an airplane. You just now remember “airplane mode”, you didn’t download anything to read or watch on the plane and now you’re going to be counting bumps in turbulence or trying to sleep.

Moments later, you’re walking in a row of sheep down an aisle to get to your small home in the sky for the next several hours. Thankfully, the airline thought of you and will allow you to use their intermittent, dial-up tier internet for $8/hour. So, you pull out your device, confident nobody around you can see (and if they did, you’d notice). Enter your credit card number, PIN, maybe a username or password, and you conduct some business while flying.

Except you don’t notice:

Entering PINs / Cards
Entering PINs / Cards

I see this more often than I should. The first photo is clearly email / passwords. One had a four digit numerical string which I can make a safe guess is also their password. The other one was their name + 123.

In the second case, it was somebody who entered their device’s PIN. For obvious reasons, I’ve redacted one and waited until the other had passed.

But this shows that people can see your devices really well when they’re pretty much sitting in your lap on a plane!

Get privacy screen filters or do this stuff in a way where nobody can see it!

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