Category: Infrastructure Security

Misstep 29: Easier Than Cloning People

I’ve talked about bar codes in the past, but usually it was an exposed bar code — not so much about a reader. Barcodes: Are easily readable and reproducible by machines Are difficult to “rotate”, that is, change them when they are used Contain parity bits to make reading them more consistent when they are […]

Misstep 24: What an Impression

Here we are, in an elevator riding up to our hotel room. I’m not a firefighter, in fact — the closest I’ve come is putting out a campfire with a hose. But for some reason, this tubular lock caught my attention. Maybe it is because some companies use the elevator floor restrictions as a security […]

Misstep 22: I’ve Got the Power

This week, we’re in the District of Columbia — the nation’s capital! We’re here to chat about juice! The Misstep If I wanted to deploy some sort of technological apparatus to attack networks, spread malware, etc — I’d certainly need a power source. I could seek out a solar panel that would generate enough for […]

Misstep 17: Keys in the Ignition

Today? Hyperbole. Keys are in-fact often left in this type of vehicle, but there’s no ignition and you can’t really drive off in them. That aside, I do see keys left in jetways at airports an awful lot: Above, Midway Airport, Chicago. (December 2019) Boston Logan, MA (BOS) Charleston, SC (CHS) And another, Midway Airport […]

Misstep 3: Flow Freakin’ Way

From my trip to LA, I’ve seen several of these water control valves placed above ground. (Must be nice, in Chicago, these guys would turn into ice and destroy themselves). An oddity is the choice of security — a wire mesh that stops folks from disabling the water. This could affect fire systems, but those […]

Jackpotting Parking Meters: A Series

I usually spend quite a bit of time talking about security problems I’ve identified, and a little less time talking about solutions to those problems. I don’t often talk about quantifying risk or products that I’ve identified as being particularly secure. Today, this changes. I walked into a local antique shop hoping to find some […]